Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Doing the Twilight Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was great fun for my daughter-in-law Elli. That's her on the right - all smiles on completing the exciting trek on her birthday. 

Hooray! Another bunch of tourists celebrate their achievement - reaching the pinnacle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge arch.

Okay, so you’ve opted for the hair-raising Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - right to the top of the 134m high arch.

Well done, you won’t be disappointed! And the spectacular views are second to none.

You’ll be joining 3.2 million people who have now made the trek since BridgeClimb Sydney began the adventure climbs on October 1, 1998.

Magnificent views aren't always the highlight - 4000 couples have become engaged at the bridge summit and 25 have tied the knot!

It's an exhilarating climb

Many tourists rate the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb as their "most memorable" Sydney experience ... and that's not counting the ones on a love mission.

The climb can take three and a half hours and it’s not cheap! But getting everyone to the top and back safely is BridgeClimb's top priority.

The first 30 minutes of the climbs are devoted to Health and Safety stuff. There’s a health questionnaire and a breathalyser.

Don’t hit the booze the night before

If you do you may fail the breath test! They’re strict – over the legal Aussie driving limit of .05 and you don’t get to climb.

(If you do fail it you'll have to settle for climbing the Pylon Lookout where you'll be able to wave to your friends and take photos of them doing the big arch).

Photo shows young lady negotiating a bridge catwalk.

Back to the Bridge Climbers … and the getting ready.

You’ll be kitted out with a special boiler suit

Also a utility belt, handkerchief, hat and radio mike.

Your camera and video gear, and your mobile phone will be firmly locked away in a secure locker.  No, you can’t climb with them! Hardly seems fair ... but

Safety first on Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

They are vital both for you (doing the climbing) and for the people in all that traffic on the Bridge deck below.

Think of those pedestrians, motorcyclists, bridge workers - even people inside cars and train carriages. They really don’t need a lump of your camera gear plunging its way toward them from a great height.

The good news is that the guides will take photos for you. You can buy these at the end of the climb. And they give one group photo of your climb - for free.

What else does BridgeClimb not allow?

  • You can't be under 10 years - or under 1.2m in height.
  • Ladies, you can't be more than 24 weeks pregnant.

Climbing ladders and stairs - BridgeClimb doesn't get any tougher than this!

A tip for Chinese tourists

You may prefer to take the special Mandarin Climb - where your guide leaders are Mandarin-speaking. See our Mandarin Climb page.

You need to be generally fit and able to climb independently, although the BridgeClimb Sydney team does its best to help everyone.

If you've got some health issues that might affect your ability to climb (for example, heart or respiratory condition) then you need to speak to staff.

In case of pregnancy you might need a fitness certificate from your GP. Full information here on health and safety requirements.

All climbers are put through a simulated walk before venturing out onto the bridge. It includes practice on stairs so you know how to use your safety equipment.

Now to the real thing . . .

The toughest part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is getting up four sections of ladders. Once you’ve managed that it’s all pretty easy.

That’s why even old-timers reach the top. (If you’re 90 to 100 years and fit enough, count yourself in – a centenarian has done it before!)    

"It's not steep at all once you're out on the bridge - once you've got over those ladders," was one Dad's comment. He'd ventured up on the Twilight Climb with keen sons aged 10 and 11 years.

"It's a really pleasant walk - not strenuous at all! But this is an experience we'll never forget - AMAZING! 

“The staff have such a well-oiled operation. They’re very good - so helpful."

Twilight Climb comes highly recommended

It gives you the chance to see the great views from the bridge in daylight, sunset and under night lights.

Every time in future when you see the Sydney Harbour Bridge on film or television you'll be able to say "We climbed that!" and remember how magical and special (and yes, how expensive) BridgeClimb was.

But, hey, the experience is yours - you own it!

On the way back down! - descending the Bridge's western arch.

Return to Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Go to Mandarin Bridge Climb.

Pylon Lookout

Great views from the top.

Photo from the Bridge deck walk looking at the towering South East Pylon. The 200 steps you climb inside the Pylon take you to the Lookout at the top. On the way up there's three levels of absorbing Bridge history.

BridgeClimb includes the Pylon Lookout as part of its package - and it's here where you can freely use your cameras and video equipment.   

Can't stop climbing!

A Sydney 84-year-old is the most frequent climber of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. At last count he'd made the climb 73 times!