Mandarin Bridge Climb

Taking the Mandarin Bridge Climb to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge is a great experience for Chinese tourists.

The Mandarin Climb uses Chinese-speaking guides

The guides are there to help - whether it be to discuss safety issues, to get you kitted out in your special gear for the climb, or to assist as you negotiate the more tricky parts of the trek.

These Mandarin speakers are also happy to share knowledge of the history of the bridge and its construction during the Great Depression.

And because they are locals they are very proud to point out all the wonderful features of our great city.

When you stand atop the Harbour Bridge

Your guide leader will take photographs as you and your group rejoice in your achievement and take in the grand Sydney views.

In fine weather from the top arch vantage point 134m above the harbour you'll have wonderful 360-degree views stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Blue Mountains.

The Mandarin Bridge Climb began on January 23, 2013. It is all part of BridgeClimb Sydney's effort to give tourists from China a fun and information-packed good time as they tackle the iconic Harbour Bridge.

In this silhouette photo of those two great Sydney icons - Opera House and Bridge - climbers can just be seen ascending the top arch of the Bridge high above Sydney Harbour.

To the top - with safety

The climb is exhilarating, yet extremely safe. Your Climb Leader is specially trained to guide you to the top, so that during your climb you can focus on enjoying this unique and rewarding experience.

The Climb Base is at 3 Cumberland St in The Rocks - an historic part of the city.

You’ll be welcomed on arrival there by your Mandarin-speaking group leader and equipped with all your needs – including a special comfortable climbing suit designed to enhance safety.

The first steps of the Mandarin Bridge Climb . . .

. . . will take you up onto the lower arch of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

There are spectacular views here of the massive Bridge structure and you can look out across the harbour and city.

Meanwhile, your climb leader will probably be sharing stories of Sydney’s culture and its connection with China.  

At the top of the lower arch you take stairs and ascend to the upper arch of the Bridge.

There you’ll reach the summit of the climb

Time to absorb the panorama ... those wonderful 360-degree views of Sydney's urban and suburban sprawl.

The busy harbour waters, the striking blue hues of harbour, sky, ocean and distant mountains. The greens of the city's many parks and tree-lined streets.

After celebrating at the summit you’ll cross the top of the Bridge to the Darling Harbour side.

Then comes the descent to Climb Base

Here all climbers receive their group photo, a special cap, a personalised certificate of achievement, and a pass to The Pylon Lookout.

Chinese tourists happily negotiate a ladder section of Sydney Harbour Bridge during their Mandarin Climb.

The Mandarin Bridge Climb is one of several operated by BridgeClimb Sydney. Departure is at 3pm daily from Climb Base. It takes 2 1/4 hours including pre-climb preparation.

Expect to pay around $A245 for adults and $A168 for kids (aged 10-15) - a little less if climbing mid-week. Full details on the BridgeClimb Sydney link above.

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The Pylon Lookout

Your Mandarin Bridge Climb ticket includes a pass to The Pylon Lookout (above). Inside the Pylon are displays of Sydney Harbour Bridge memorabilia, history and photos. At the top of the Pylon is a wonderful viewing area where you can take all the photos and videos you want without restriction.