Pylon Lookout

The Pylon Lookout on Sydney Harbour Bridge is a great place to enjoy magnificent views of the city and harbour.

And the joy is enhanced by its budget affordability!

But a warning - you will have to do some exercise.

To get 360 degree vistas from the Lookout viewing platform you must climb the 200 steps of the South East Pylon. This takes you to 87m above water!

You will get stunning views of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and the Bridge itself.

Then from this great vantage point you can spend all the time you need on your own photos and videos.

What vistas for shutterbugs!

There are no restrictions on photography here and if you're lucky you might even catch on film the progress of tourists doing the scary climb over the Bridge arch (they're not allowed to take their cameras).

The Lookout was the highest viewing point in Sydney when the Bridge opened in 1932 ... and for many years after it was extremely popular.

Today, you absorb Bridge history on the way up the Pylon.

As you climb the steps inside the pylon you reach three levels of exhibits covering the Bridge beginnings, its planning, construction and vision. The exhibits include movies of the construction and many photographs.

The Engineer who took Bridge vision to reality

Featured is chief engineer, Dr JJC Bradfield, regarded as the "father" of the Bridge for his vision and enthusiasm in bringing Sydney's long held dream to reality.

There's an impressive Dangerous Work display among the Pylon Lookout's exhibits. The cantilevered structure shows clearly how the Bridge was built.

You get a feeling for the dedication and skill of the planners and workers in viewing the exhibits. There's also a short audio-visual with rare images taken during the Harbour Bridge's construction. 

The Pylon Lookout doesn’t get the publicity it deserves. I guess that’s because all emphasis today is on the daring Bridge Climb to the top of the arch.

But just look at the views you can get from here (see above) - including those of the Harbour Bridge itself.

All the family can enjoy this view

Truth is this vantage point is very Family Friendly with no age limits ... and you can do it at quite reasonable cost.

Admission is $13 (13 years and over) but with concessions for seniors and students, and reduced prices for younger kids.

The Lookout is open daily (except Christmas Day) - from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Full details at the Pylon website.

View of the towering South East Pylon from below. You climb up inside the massive structure to reach the wonderful vantage point at the top.

To Sydney Harbour Bridge.

To Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

How to get to the
Pylon Lookout

DON'T TRY TO FIND THE LOOKOUT FROM UNDER THE BRIDGE! There's no access from there. (You need to walk on the footpath beside the road on the same level as the Bridge to get to the South East Pylon entrance).

From the City side access is via the pedestrian pathway on the Eastern side of the Bridge (look for the “Bridge Stairs” sign in Cumberland Street, The Rocks).

If you are coming from the North side use the steps near Milsons Point Railway Station.

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