You'll love our great harbour city!

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Adventures in sunny Sydney

Come on in out of the cold with Remarkable Sydney Travel Tips.

The mission is to transport you here . . . to fun loving Sydney Australia. To give you a warm Aussie welcome. So, in anticipation - Gidday Mate!

Get away from that miserable weather you're enduring at home and come Down Under.

In this website you'll find great ideas and remarkable Sydney travel tips for having the best time here ... whether you’re travelling with the whole family, just your loving partner, or on your lonesome.

Open your eyes to Sydney Australia

Imagine for a moment stretching out on the beautiful sands of our Bondi Beach - the summer sun switched on to Sizzle!

The lovely clean surf just a quick sprint away for the cool down you'll soon need.

What's happening with the weather where you live?

  • Is the sunlight weak and short-lived?
  • Does the chill cut right through you?
  • Months of leaden skies still to come?
  • Does it make you feel . . . a bit depressed?

I don't blame you. Here's the answer . . . Cheer Up!

Come and visit our warm, sunny amazing city

Let these remarkable Sydney travel tips be your guide to adventure and a good time here in Sydney ... one to really get your heart beating again.

"I can't just go!" ... I hear you say. But hey - you can start planning for the day!

That's where our travel suggestions come in. This is therapy! Your enjoyment starts right here and now with the remarkable Sydney travel tips website - your guide to Sydney and what it has to offer!

(What's that elephant doing, with his trunk sticking out of the water? Glad you asked ... that's male calf Luk Chai's way of cooling off - using his "snorkel" while staying submerged on a heatwave hot Sydney day at Taronga Zoo). 

So which stretch of warm Sydney Australia sand would you really like to slide your toes into on your holidays?

  • What's the Best Beach for you? Would it be famous Bondi Beach - so close to the city?
  • Or would you enjoy riding the harbour ferry to magnificent Manly Beach?
  • Or you could go south by train ... right to fantastic Cronulla Beach.
  • Why not try gorgeous Bronte Beach? - just a delightful walk south from the crowds of Bondi.
  • Want to go skinny dipping? Here's your choice of nude beaches. (If in the city late February-early March join the annual Sydney Skinny ocean swim fund-raiser at Cobblers Beach). 
  • Just want to eyeball the marine life with your head underwater? Try the calm waters of little known Shelly Beach at Manly for snorkeling fun.

So many remarkable Sydney travel tips!

Amazingly Sydney boasts more than 60 beaches where the ocean waves roll in. They stretch many kilometres along the entire Sydney Australia seaboard.

Then inside the harbour are many other delightful beaches, without the surf.

Does sand in the cozzies (swimsuit) cause you aggrevation?

Would you be more comfortable cruising, sailing or jet boating under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, warm breeze in your hair, no sand in your clothes?

This remarkable Sydney travel tips website will help you find - and do - all the things you want to while on vacation here.

Of course you don't really have to be in need of thawing out to enjoy Sydney Australia. (If you come in our winter it can be chilly. The average daily maximum temperature slips to 16deg C in June and July. But hey, that's not too bad - there are many quite warm winter days here).

Tourists return to Circular Quay after their exciting Thunder Jetboat adventure on Sydney Harbour.

Just come - you're welcome!

The travel advice here is for anyone who wants a good time in our biggest most vibrant city - whether you're from New Zealand, from anywhere else in Aussie, or even sweltering in some country near the equator.

Check out Sydney Attractions and Things To Do In Sydney so you can make the most of your time here.

Whether it's an adrenaline high you seek in Sydney, an intellectual stroll through world class art galleries and museums, lazy days at the beach or family picnics beside Sydney Harbour . . . remarkable Sydney travel tips is here to give you great vacation ideas and suggestions.

You might like to combine the beauty of a visit to the Bondi-Tamarama seaside with the world's biggest outdoor sculpture exhibition in October-November each year.

And if you're here in May-June take in the spectacle of Sydney's Vivid Festival where light projections give many parts of the city an amazing new look. It's great fun for kids.

Do you love Jazz? If you're in Sydney in early October you won't want to miss the Manly Jazz Festival on Manly Beach - it's Sydney's biggest celebration of jazz. 

Grand views from the "Coat Hanger"

Like to make a start on your Sydney adventure? Pretty fit are you? Then climb the coat hanger! (That's the Sydney Harbour Bridge by the way). Marvel at the views of our great city and do your work-out at the same time!

You've two choices - climb the 200 steps to the Bridge Pylon Lookout for great views and lots of history at budget prices, or go the "full monty" with Bridge Climb Sydney's three-hour trek to the top of the bridge arch. If you're a Chinese tourist join the Mandarin Bridge Climb where the guides speak your lingo!

Like some more daring adrenaline-charged adventure? Hang gliding off a cliff perhaps? Swimming with sharks? Jumping from an aircraft? Hot air ballooning? Remarkable Sydney travel tips has them all covered.

Oops! You've got the kiddies with you. Try Taronga Zoo - you can get a harbour ferry trip and a great day with the animals at one of the world's best zoos.

Add the wonderful elevated views over the harbour and zoo from the Sky Safari (pictured) if you want to make the day even more memorable.

For stunning views of Australia's marine life try Sea Life Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour. You'll see penguins, sea dragons, massive stingrays, platypusus and bizarre dugongs.

And among the star attractions are many "big bities". It's a great place to see sharks up close and "smiling" (all those teeth). The photo above is from the aquarium's Great Barrier Reef Theatre.

Dinosaurs rule in the rain ...

Darn, it's rainy! What to do? How to occupy the kids with something they'll enjoy in wet Sydney Australia? Dinosaurs perhaps? ... Make your way to the Australian Museum.

There's lots more Family Friendly entertainment to tell you about too . . . within this website. And talking of families, why not take advantage of Family Funday Sunday. That's when you can take the family on unlimited rail, bus and ferry trips throughout the greater Sydney area at seriously reduced rates.

Sydney when the sun goes down

Young and single? Well Sydney's not called Sin City for nothing! Kings Cross night life has a world-wide reputation.

Enjoy Our Great Beaches


Is there a better beach - anywhere - than Bondi?


Ah! Manly on a wonderful day.


Go on! ... Take the train to Cronulla.

Mardi Gras 2018

Hey, it's always a fun time at Sydney's big Mardi Gras Parade which ends many days of Gay and Lesbian activities in early March each year. Huge crowds come into the city to watch ... and be amazed!

And look (see photo above) who was at a recent Sydney Mardi Gras Party - that's right the "Queen of Austria" the world's famous bearded drag queen ... Eurovision winning legend Conchita Wurst.

Why not join the 400,000 visitors to Sydney for the 2018 Parade? It's a night you won't forget. More on the Mardi Gras here.

Extreme weather

Hail the size of tennis balls - all part of Sydney Weather.

When the Mother of all Hail Storms hit Sydney!

Taronga Zoo

Where Aussie Animals Are Great Fun!

Here a koala joey eyes the world as mum sleeps.

There's great free flying at Taronga's Bird Show - like this from Dragon the sooty owl as he makes a perfect landing.

What's happening in the outside world? This eight months old wombat joey is ready to explore ...

Featherdale Wildlife

Is that a yawn, or is this Devil hungry?

Australian Reptile Park

Rango the chameleon catches a meal at the Australia Reptile Park.

Sydney Opera House

A whole new way of looking at the Sydney Opera House ... in Vivid colour.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Australia's massive icon in evening splendour.

Harbour Bridge Climb

Going up? ... climbing for that wonderful view.

Mandarin Bridge Climb

Climbing with Chinese-speaking guides.

2017 Vivid Festival

Sydney's amazing Vivid Festival will attract nearly two million people to the city over 23 nights from Friday May 26 to Saturday June 17.

Most will be drawn to wonderful light shows which include fantastic projections (like the one shown above) onto the sails of Sydney Opera House.

Vivid is a winter magnet for tourists ... so take in its many attractions if you're visiting Sydney over these three weeks.

It's fun, great for kids, and free. More on Vivid Festival Sydney here.

Cockatoo Island

Escape to Cockatoo Island ... just a quick ferry ride from the CBD.

Future Landmark

The Cloud Arch that will tower over Sydney's George St in the CBD in years to come. A new tourist attraction in the making. More on Cloud Arch in our Sydney Attractions page. 

Strange Tales But True:

Oz snake found on chain - but Fido lost

Australia has many remarkable animal stories. Here's one the Sydney Morning Herald found irresistible. It's all about a hungry python which "bit off more than it could chew" ...